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We are a nonprofit organization

which freely supports small NGOs in Brazil to transform themselves digitally.

We are a nonprofit organization

which freely supports small NGOs in Brazil to transform themselves digitally.

We are a nonprofit organization

which freely supports small NGOs in Brazil to transform themselves digitally.

Our mission is to contribute to the digital transformation of small NGOs in Brazil through technology, innovation and collaboration

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The challenge

NGOs are essential to increase their positive impact, these organizations need to be effective. But the reality is that most of them suffer from all sorts of resource constraints, especially when it comes to digital transformation.
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The context

Almost 90% of all civil society organizations operating in Brazil are small.

There are more than 260,000 small NGOs in the country, and if we consider the unregistered initiatives, this number tends to be much larger.

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Our strategy

The hub do bem offers free support to small NGOs in Brazil to help them become digitally transformed.

We believe that by moving from analog to a digital culture, getting together technology and innovation, these organizations will increase their chances of being more effective.

As a result of this transformation, NGOs will be able to achieve their goals faster.

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What is this digital transformation anyway?

In a simple way, we can think of digital transformation as the shift from analog to digital thinking. It is going beyond the simple use of digital technologies, such as computers, cell phones, and the internet, to learn how to use them to our advantage, in a creative and innovative way. It’s about people, cultural transformation, challenging the status quo, and having the freedom to experiment, without fear of making mistakes. Through digital transformation we can optimize resources, improve processes and the experience of the people who benefit from our work.
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And what do we consider a small NGO?

When we refer to a small NGO, we are referring to those organizations, collectives, and socio-environmental projects, with or without registration, that has an annual gross revenue of up to R$ 500,000 (including third party resources, earmarked for specific projects). It is to these NGOs that we direct our efforts, because we believe that despite being small in size, they are big in impact!

And how do we help these non-profits?

The work we do at the hub do bem is constantly changing.

Currently we provide the following services free of charge to NGOs, socio-environmental projects, collectives, and small social movements:




Learn more below about the way we work

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The hub do bem (or the good hub) is an NGO formed by people deeply dedicated to building a more just and inclusive society.

We care about the suffering of millions of people, inequality and the destruction of our planet.

And because we believe that NGOs, collectives, projects, and similar organizations have a fundamental role in our country, we decided our mission should be to contribute to their digital transformation through innovation, technology, and collaboration, so that they can be effective in minimizing, or if possible, eliminating socio-environmental problems.

We are non-partisan and have no religious, business, or other affiliations. This gives us the freedom to act and direct our work as we believe is necessary.

Our values guide how we act and exist as human beings. We strive to apply them every day, both at work and in our personal lives.

be transparent

seek justice

foster inclusion

practice gratitude

embrace diversity

act with love

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Our work is based on the paradigm of abundance rather than scarcity. This means that we aim to be as inclusive as possible.

This is why we do not charge any money from the NGOs that benefit from our work. After all, these organizations, in their majority, do the same by investing in our society through the services they offer for free.

We are a non-profit organization that freely supports small NGOs in Brazil with their digital transformation.

Our work is maintained thanks to the generosity of people like you.

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