pessoas agradecendo

Wall of good

This is a space of GRATITUDE to all the people who make the hub do bem possible

Wall of good

This is a space of GRATITUDE to all the people who make the hub do bem possible

pessoas agradecendo

To you, who at some point in our history collaborated, supported, helped, cooperated, donated, contributed with your time, work, incentive, and even invested financially, here is our deepest gratitude for such availability and generosity.

You make our work a reality. And in this way, you have contributed to the digital transformation of many NGOs in Brazil.

This translates into a greater positive impact generated by these organizations. More people are being cared for, nature is being preserved, and the planet is more just, inclusive, and accessible.

our thanks!

pessoas vibrando de alegria

Explaining a little more

We at the hub do bem have a different understanding from the “market practice”. Instead of highlighting the people and companies that contribute the most financially or through pro bono services, we decided to put them all in a single “category”, the category of our heart. By doing so we minimize the possibility of not being fair to those who have contributed a lot, even if it may not seem like much. Everything is a matter of point of view, right? In this way we respect the diverse realities and conditions of each person and company, honoring their contribution equally.

We are a non-profit organization that freely supports small NGOs in Brazil to become digitally transformed.

Our work is maintained thanks to the generosity of people like you.

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